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Jeep Gladiator

For people whose lifestyle mostly focuses on urban activities and pursuits, a traditional car serves their needs. But if you go off-road, where the asphalt ends and the forests, dunes, and hills begin, you need a lot more. Jeep has always been one of the most reliable multi-terrain vehicle brands. Now, with the 2020 Jeep....Read More

RAM 1500

For drivers who need a durable vehicle they can rely on to haul cargo around, either for work or play, a full-size pick-up truck is one of the best solutions. The RAM 1500 has been filling this need for Canadian drivers for decades.  If you’re thinking of getting a new RAM 1500, but need more... Read more »....Read More

Trailer Towing Tips in Ontario

School’s out and summer is here. Many families in Ontario are on vacation and taking to the great outdoors. In some cases that may mean bringing along an ATV, a motorboat for the lake, or even going camping with a fifth wheel trailer. All of these fun summer activities will require drivers to attach trailers....Read More

Top 5 Family-Friendly Campgrounds Around Mississauga

Summer is just getting underway, and while we’ve already celebrated Canada Day there’s still many weeks of great weather ahead. Making some great memories and taking in the beauty of Canada on a camping trip is the perfect way to spend this time of year with the family. Fortunately, if you live in Mississauga, you....Read More

Car Maintenance Checklist Before Road Trip

With summer here, it’s natural for many Canadians to be thinking about one thing: a road trip. Of course, going on a road trip requires some planning, but it’s not just the destinations and the budget you have to keep in mind. The most important aspect of a road trip is your ability to safely,.....Read More

Grand Caravan Canada’s Best Selling Minivan

Many Canadians remember a childhood in which parents needed a larger vehicle and would automatically default to a type known as a “station wagon.” While station wagons are still available in today’s market, they’re not as popular as they once were. That position, as the versatile, family-friendly vehicle, has been taken by minivans....Read More

Where to go off roading in a Jeep in Mississauga and GTA

Most people in Ontario who own a Jeep or other vehicle with four-wheel-drive (4WD) don’t often get a chance to see what their vehicle can do. The smooth, paved roads Ontarians drive on for work or play are built to make driving easier, not challenging. But for owners of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo,....Read More

How to choose the right Ram pickup truck

For some people driving in the city, a combination of speed and performance is all you need. So, a car like the Dodge Charger might be appropriate. But a lot of people need a vehicle not just to get to work, but to do some work. When your vehicle is not just a method of... Read more »....Read More