Off-Roading Jeep Groups & Trails In Mississauga

Where to go off roading in a Jeep in Mississauga and GTA

Most people in Ontario who own a Jeep or other vehicle with four-wheel-drive (4WD) don’t often get a chance to see what their vehicle can do. The smooth, paved roads Ontarians drive on for work or play are built to make driving easier, not challenging.

But for owners of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, for example, it’s understandable that you’d want to put such a powerful vehicle to the test and take it off-road for some challenging 4WD driving. But where do you go off-roading in Mississauga and the GTA? We have a few suggestions for Jeep owners to think about.

Ganaraska Forest & Oak Ridges Trail

For new owners of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo who don’t have much experience yet, we like to recommend these two trails. Not only are they a bit more forgiving, but for Mississauga residents, they’re just an hour away from Toronto, slightly northeast of Oshawa.

There’s a mix of different trails for both hiking on foot, as well as motorized activities like using an ATV or Jeep. Motorized 4WD off-roading is restricted to the west and east forest. With two trails to choose from, this is a popular, easy-access choice for drivers.

Concession Lake Trail

For Mississauga residents who don’t want to venture too far out of the GTA, Concession Lake Trail is a popular off-roading destination. Of course, being just over 2.5 hours away from the GTA and popular means that you can’t expect to take on this road by yourself. Don’t be too surprised to see other Jeep drivers trying their luck on this off-roading trail.

Concession Lake is northeast of the GTA, with campsites and other accommodations for people who don’t feel like driving back right away. It’s got a mix of rock areas, elevated portions, some tight turns, and of course, weather plays a role in the difficulty of the path.

Other Resources

While there are plenty of places for off-roading Mississauga drivers can take advantage of in their Jeep, it’s always better to find people with common interests and share the fun. If you find that you have a passion for off-roading and want to do it more frequently, you’ll have a lot more fun—and enjoy more safety and peace of mind—if you go along with others. Fortunately, the GTA has a few groups you join if you want to engage in more off-roading activity with groups.


It’s not the region in California! In this case, “BAJA” stands for the Brampton Area Jeep Association, and as the name suggests, they meet in Brampton. If you own a Jeep of any model or year, equipped with 4WD, you’re welcome to join this off-roading club.

BAJA meets up to educate drivers on proper off-roading, as well as to promote off-roading with fun activities like driving for charity. People who join can discuss off-roading but also take part in a lot of off-roading activities, including camping while out on the trails if you have the time. Safety and family-oriented fun is a priority for this group, so be sure to respect the Code of Conduct they’ve established.


If you’ve decided you want to take things to the next level while off-roading in Mississauga, then look into the Ontario Federation of 4WD Recreationists.

Drivers who want to gain access to the best off-roading trails in the province should seriously think about joining this group. OF4WD has roamed far and wide throughout Ontario and found some of the best off-roading trails for Jeep 4WD experiences, but they’ve kept many of those trails as “club secrets.” If you want to know where they are and gain access to the OF4WD Trail Index, you need to be a member. The Trail Index not only shows the locations of 4WD-friendly trails, it indicates recommended vehicles, points of interest, and accommodations from hotels, B&Bs, to campgrounds.

Jeep Jamboree

Drivers who are ready to move up from just Ontario might want to consider the Jeep Jamboree. This American event has ranged all across the continent and is open to Canadians to participate in as well. In past years, the Jeep Jamboree held two separate events, one for Americans and one for Canadians.

While the Canadian-specific events no longer occur, and Jeep Jamboree Canada has since been reabsorbed back into the parent organization of Jeep Jamboree USA, Canadians are still welcome to try their luck. The Jeep Jamboree event isn’t just for expert off-roaders, beginners can try their luck on easier courses too.

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