A Hassle-Free Way to Shop – Tips on Online Car Purchases

A Hassle-Free Way to Shop - Tips on Online Car Purchases - Cooksville Dodge

Car buying has completely changed over the past two years due to the global pandemic and supply shortages. Previously, dealership lots were filled with vehicles to choose from, and it was easy to walk into a building and purchase one. However, many people now feel safer at home and look online to find a car that has the colors, technologies, and features that they want.

Luckily for buyers, online vehicle purchases are now easier, safer, and faster than ever before. By completing a handful of simple steps, you can purchase a vehicle online and have it delivered to your home.

Purchase a car online - Cooksville Dodge

Benefits of Online Car Purchases

Before deciding whether purchasing a vehicle online is right for you, it is important to highlight the benefits that online vehicle purchases offer. 

1.Upfront Pricing Guarantee - Many dealerships, including Cooksville Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, offer an upfront pricing guarantee. This means that the dealership guarantees 100% transparent and upfront pricing, providing every detail, line item, tax, and fee before you make any commitment. You can see the exact cost of the vehicle without leaving your house, without visiting the dealership, and before making any decision. 

2.Convenience - You can find your new vehicle from anywhere with just a few easy clicks. Explore every model available, compare models to see which one is right for you, or build your own to understand which features will add value in comparison to the cost. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. 

3.Safety - Your physical and digital safety are of the utmost importance with online car shopping. You are not exposed to any germs when buying a car online, protecting you physically, and the dealership also takes every possible measure to safeguard your information while vehicle shopping online, protecting you digitally. Your personal data security will not be compromised. 

4.Straightforward Process - The online shopping experience is simple to understand and even easier to complete. 

5.Time Savings - A trip to the dealership involves several hours, but you can make your car purchase online in your own time, doing research when you have spare moments, and reviewing offers when it is convenient for you. 

Purchase car online at your convenience - Cooksville Dodge

Tips on Online Car Purchases

There are several tricks that you can employ to ensure that you are getting the best deal while shopping online. 

1.Comparison Shop - Instead of driving from dealership to dealership, you can simply visit multiple dealers in your area and view their available models online. Many dealerships offer home delivery within a specified range of 50 or 100 km, so you can view the inventory at competing dealerships and find out which one is offering the best deal. 

2. Get the Most for Your Trade-In - It is easy to estimate your trade-in vehicle's value when shopping for a new car online. You can do this through multiple dealerships or large companies that purchase used models of any type of vehicle. By getting multiple quotes on your trade-in, you could get several thousand dollars more out of it. 

3.Take Advantage of Credit Offers - Financing does not need to be secured prior to an online vehicle purchase. You can often get the best financing through a manufacturer offer if your credit is good. 0% or even 1.9% financing deals are ideal to let you keep money in the bank without adding exorbitant interest costs to your purchase. 

4.Take Your Time - .Unless you desperately need a vehicle right away, the best way to save money on your purchase is by slowing down, comparing offers, finding the best trade-in value, and waiting for the right vehicle to come along. Moving too fast will cost you money in the end. 


Shop cars online and compare features - Cooksville Dodge

Online Car Shopping Disadvantages

While there are many perks to online vehicle shopping, there are some downsides as well. The biggest downside is planning to purchase a vehicle without seeing it in person. However, many dealerships allow you to schedule personal appointments for test drives and may even bring the vehicle to you at work or home. This scheduling could get tricky, but it ensures that you can drive a vehicle before purchasing.

One other possible disadvantage is the time spent online looking at vehicles, reading about different features, comparison shopping, and more. It can become time consuming; however, it can be done outside of normal business hours. Visiting a dealership would require missing work or spending a weekend car shopping.


Online Car Shopping Disadvantages - Cooksville Dodge

Buying a Vehicle Online

Many items are sold online now, so it only makes sense that you can purchase a new vehicle online as well. But with such an expensive purchase, it is important to do your research and buy through a competent, well-known, trusted dealership. Doing so will protect you and provide the best possible experience, ending with the perfect car in your driveway.


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