Winter Tires in Mississauga

Looking for a new set of winter tires? We are your one-stop shop for tires in Mississauga! We carry all major tire brands for most makes and models. Use our no-obligation tool to compare and select the best winter tires for your vehicle, and take advantage of our limited-time offer of “Buy 3 Tires, Get 4th Tire Free” for select tire sets! Click here to learn more!

Why Buy Winter Tires?

When the temperatures drop to 7oC or lower, the rubber compounds in all-season tires become hard and stiff, resulting in a 25% loss of stopping performance. It means less grip, even on dry pavement with all-season tires. To avoid endangering yourself and your passengers, choose the appropriate winter tires for your vehicle and get them installed today.

  • Softer rubber compounds specially formulated to remain more pliable for more grip when temperatures drop to 7oC or lower.
  • Beefier tread design deep aggressive ridges that help channel water, snow and slush away from the tire for improved traction.
  • Fighting groove edges jagged services designed to chew snow and ice for better control.
  • Variable thickness site hairline cuts in the tread that increase surface contact for enhanced performance in the cold.

How can I find out the right tire size for my car?

If you have not had to buy a new set of tires before, you may be a bit confused while trying to figure out what size to get as vehicles require different widths, profile height, and rim diameters. If you don’t know how to find out what size tires your vehicle needs, here are a few ways to find out:

  • Inside the driver’s door
  • The inside of the gas hatch or glove box
  • The owner’s manual of your vehicle
  • The sidewall of your current tires

The tire size rating you are searching for should look something like this — 195/65R 15. That code includes multiple measurements that will tell you everything you need to know about the tire size you need when shopping for a new set. Let’s take that code as an example to illustrate how it works:

  • 195 = the width of the tires you need, measured in milometers from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall
  • 65R = the number indicates the aspect ratio, or profile height, of the tire, which is determined by dividing the height of the tire from the rim by the width. The letter R just refers to the common type of internal tire construction
  • 15 = the diameter of the rim, measured in inches, that the tire needs to be mounted on

If you have any problems or questions about how to find the right tire size for your vehicle, you can always call us or bring your vehicle in for help!